Mentors for YAE

So YAE has 5 mentors that are available to help give advice and encourage our young and emerging artists! Below I will give a brief explaination of what each mentor brings to the program.

Jacqueline Reynoso

In 2021 Jacqueline quit her job as a truck driver to take on her art career full time. In that time she has had her art in 6 galleries and restaurants and exhibited her work in different parts of Texas, Tampa and Miami. She has also opened up her own gallery on the NE side of San Antonio. In Miami, Jacqueline exhibited her artworks and also got involved in YOUNG ARTS Miami. Jacqueline also started her Live Wedding Painting Career in Miami and paints at Weddings all over the US for Snap Chic Wedding Painting. She has been able to help artists find art jobs, enter contests, and also enter into new galleries.


email: phone:210-214-9476 insta: @brushworksbyjacqueline


Ricardo Rodriquez: Spanish Speaking Mentor

Ricardo is from Mexico City and moved to San Antonio when he was 16 years old. Ricardo is a visual artist, muralist and a tattoo artist and also decided to become a fulltime artist in 2021. He can help artists understand what it takes to start a career in tattooing and also explain the process of doing large scale murals. Ricardo showcases his artworks in many restaurants and galleries. Because of his attendance at Say Si, San Antonio's premiere creative youth developement school, he understands what it means to encourage our youth to persue their passions and dreams of becoming creatives as a career path.


email: insta: @ricardo_rodriguez_murales


Pearl Salinas

Pearl became a fulltime artist in 2022 and has accomplished a lot in the small time that she has been an artist. Pearl like the rest of us wanted to be an artist when she was younger. She helps encourage artists to persue their dreams and explains the process of becoming an artist in YAE's You Tube Channel. The You Tube Channel goes over the beggining stuggles of becoming an artist fulltime, things to look out for and also things we can do as creatives to get out into the art world.


email: insta: @pearl_salinas


Nathaniel Garza

Nathaniel is the youngest of our Mentors but for good reason! Nathaniel who is 18 years old has accomplished so much in his art career and he is such an inpiration to any young creative who wants to persue a career in art. Since he was young he has been participating in contests and winning awards. He has also been on many news outlets promoting his art and the the programs that he is donating his art to. He is now a sponsored artist and continues to grow. Nathaniels mother, Valeria, is just as much of a mentor as Nathaniel because she has been a supportive parent by his side from the beggining. She has helped him thru application processes and setting up markets ect. She is an amazing example of what young creatives need as a parent to help them grow and become the Artist or Creative that they were meant to be.


email: insta: @nathanielgarza_


Expressions by Stephanie

Stephanie is a Visual artist who creates artworks with meaning. Most of her pieces have a connection with disorders to bring awareness. Stephanie also curates art for Chicos Coffee in Downtown San Antonio. If artists are interested in doing a market at the coffee shop she can get you on the schedule to start getting your art into the world. She is also knowlegable in starting websites for creatives and getting into print on demand sites for passive income for artists.


email: insta: @expressions_by_stephanie