YAE's First Grant Winner

Nia Jaramillo, 27

The Main Purpose of the YOUNG ARTS EXHIBITION is to help support young and emerging artists. Whether its to give them a space to show off their work or to learn how to deal with galleries or how to start their own websites, we want to help artist with any questions they have.

One of the goals was to make a Grant so that artists can apply and submit their best work. This is the first time that Brushworks Studios and Gallery was able to give a Grant and we were so excited to have so many great submissions! Unltimately, it came down to three local San Antonio Artists and from them we chose "Lunch Dates with Gran Pappy" Painted by Artist Nia Jaramillo, age 27. We all loved this artwork for its warmth and her ability to capture the true essense of everyday objects and scenerios. We even loved the fact that the sweet tea made us thirsty. This oil painting is truly an amazing piece of art and was very admired for our YAE Expansion Grand Opening Show this past weekend where we had over 300 people walk thru our doors.

Grants like this are for artist to be able to buy supplies, apply for shows, vendor fees ect. Anything to help the artist be able to profit more of their sales or to create new art. Brushworks Gallery + YAE will continue to give different Grants throughout the years and we hope that we can continue to find ways to help our young and emerging artists in their art careers.


Photography: TQM Photography, Brenda Perez

Nia Jaramillo: Insta- @niartista